Meet the Reviewers

Natalie Shaw

Natalie Shaw is the Owner, Operator and Editor in Chief for Dallas Theatre Journal.  Her first love in Life was Theatre and she is still enamored with it today. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Oklahoma State University in Theatre, with an emphasis on Performance. As a Reviewer and Journalist, she is thrilled to support local Theatre artists with the power of words and make so many wonderful productions accessible for audiences! She is captivated by writing and journalism and is passionate about bringing readers motivating, compelling, and informative news columns related to Theatre and those involved.   

Eddy Herring

Eddy has been performing consistently in the DFW area for the last 10 years as a stage and commercial actor represented by The Cachet Talent Agency. When not on stage, you will find him directing, set designing, or volunteering somewhere. On or off stage, you will find Eddy doing what he loves most...supporting live theatre.  He believes in the importance of encouraging actors as they pursue their passion, and there is nothing more beneficial to an actor than to be validated and be given constructive feedback. Reviews are so important to the process, not only to the actor, but to theatre companies to promote their shows and to encourage audience attendance.  Eddy is honored to represent the Dallas Theatre Journal and support live theatre in DFW. 

David Ellivloc

David Ellivloc is a newcomer to Dallas and also works an actor here in the DFW Theatre community. “David Ellivloc” is a penname that is used for writing reviews, while his real name is used for his acting appearances. David loves local Theatre and is thrilled that, as a reviewer, he can help get the word out about the great local productions.  He is especially eager to try and bring new folks to the theater.  When not doing something in the Theatre world, he lives quietly in Lake Highlands with his wife of 34 years and two cats.  He loves Dallas, especially his new Theatre peeps, and is excited to be on stage or in the audience. 

Grant Palmore

Grant Palmore resides in the North Dallas area. Over the years, he has performed in several productions in DFW. Grant enjoys time with his family and pursuing hobbies like watching films, reading books, and crocheting yarn creations. The theater is a life force. It brings people together, explores emotion, examines existence, and forges paths of empathy. Grant looks forward to promoting the excellent performances produced in the DFW region in partnership with the Dallas Theater Journal. 

Glynda Welch

Glynda Welch, currently Board President at Rover Dramawerks of Plano, works as an actress, director, and occasionally costumer in theaters across the Dallas area. She holds a bachelor's degree in Drama, and a Master's in Library Science. After years as an elementary teacher and librarian, she now devotes the bulk of her time to pursuing her passion for Theatre. The organizer of Roving Actor's Forum, she works with representatives from many area producing companies to plan this bi-monthly free program that gives area actors the opportunity to perform and receive feedback from artistic staff and board members.  

Jenny Wood

Jenny is a Dallas native and lifelong Arts multi-hyphenate. She has worked all corners of theatre with organizations such as Steppenwolf and Timeline (Chicago, IL); Hollywood Fringe Festival, Midnight Central, and Center Theatre Group (Los Angeles, CA); Santa Barbara Center for the Performing Arts; and Dallas’s Bath House Cultural Center. She’s excited to contribute to Dallas Theatre Journal as a way to encourage the relationships between artists and audience, and acknowledge the great work being done in our theatre community. BFA: The Theatre School (Chicago, IL); Survival Job: Attorney.

Carol M. Rice

Carol is the Executive Artistic Director of Rover Dramawerks, as well as one of the co-founders.  She loves theatre and spends her spare time reading plays and going to see them; she served as a reviewer for The Column from 2015 to 2022 and is delighted to join the Dallas Theatre Journal ranks! Carol is an actress, director, producer and a published playwright, with plays that have been produced all over the United States. Somehow she also finds time to be an adjunct theatre professor at Dallas College and UNT Dallas.  

Juan Perez 

Juan M. Perez is happy to be joining Dallas Theatre Journal as a reviewer and spreads the word of theatre to anyone willing to listen. After being involved with theatre for 20 plus years as an Actor, Designer, Director, and Producer in DFW, he’s glad to be joining the ranks with DTJ. Outside of performing on stage he has served on two Board of Directors, enjoys building sets, designing sets/lights, and thinking of creative, new ways to create theatre. His day job is in insurance, so having a creative outlet is quite important, especially one that creates so many stories, emotions, and hope. He looks forward to all the great theatre to come and spreading the good word.  

Stacey Simpson Calvert

Stacey Simpson Calvert has been a lover of community theatre since childhood, cutting her teeth on Noel Coward and George S. Kaufman plays staged in the school cafeteria. When she’s not working as a Human Resources executive, Stacey enjoys performing and volunteering in community theater and has appeared in a number of productions in the DFW area. Stacey studied vocal music at UNT, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, and sings with the Dallas Symphony Chorus.